Local Open Source Project: Jeuron: Distributed Services Framework

A local Java developer has an open source project called Jeuron. A summary is below.


Jeuron: Distributed Services Framework

Jeuron is an open-source, Java based library that creates an “Application Network”. Here the components of an application are deployed over multiple interconnected virtual machines. This then creates a dynamic, distributed, and scalable application environment.

How Jeuron Works

Jeuron is configured on a network as a series of interconnected instances, called nodes, which form a messagebus. Nodes connect to each other and can be setup to initiate connections to and listen for connections from other nodes. Each node can implement any number of initiators or listeners, and when nodes connect, they not only exchange their individual node names, but also exchange the list of nodes they know about. This allows nodes not directly connected to each other to exchange messages. Along with exchanging node lists, Jeuron also exchanges service lists. A service is an end-point on the messagebus that can receive messages. A service can be any POJO and is connected to the messagebus using a service adapter. A service adapter registers namespaces, which are used by the nodes to communicate with the services. Namespaces are simple strings that typically follow the package structure of your application, e.g. “com.mycompany.myapp.customer.ADD”. To communicate with a service, an application creates a message, sets the contents to whatever form of data the destination service expects (e.g. XML, bytes, Objects), sets the destination namespace property to the service’s namespace, sets the response namespace property to where the application wants messages returned, and puts the message on the messagebus. It is the messagebus’ responsibility to locate the service and deliver the message. Messages are returned by the service to the application using the namespace in the message’s response namespace property.


To learn more about Jeuron please visit www.jeuron.org. There you will find links to download the Jeuron library, assorted binary examples, and sample source projects. We are also interested to hear what people think of Jeuron, your feedback is very import to us, so please do not hesitate to post your experiences at www.jeuron.org.


Mike Karrys

We like to encourage local Java developers who run open source projects. If you are a Java developer in the Chicago area and you want us to help publicize your open source project, let us know.

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