Help Wanted!

Hi there!

We are an organization run by volunteers, and as such we only have volunteer fuel to run! Do you think you can help us? We pay in peanuts and monopoly money! Also think how cool would this look in your resume!

If you find that you can help us, send an email to with a description of where can you help us and how awesome you are!

Need CJUG Newsletter Editor / Reporter / Artist  and Jack-of-all-trades!

Are you a Java Socialite? do you talk with James Gosling on a first-name basis? Are you also in love with the written word? We want you to lead (and/or help) our CJUG Newsletter! A weekly publication that will take Java news and share it with all of us! in Events happening local as well as worldwide. think of it as the Red-Eye of the Java world!

CJUG Meeting Coordinator

Hey there, are you are organizing people? keeping them on-schedule? on reserving rooms and making sure things go as smooth-as-silk? Then please be our meeting coordinator! There is a lot that goes behind-the-scenes to get presenters up and running, and with your help we can make sure that everyone is satisfied! help us out!

CJUG Member Outreach Project Manager

You have a talent for communities, and you know how to find and engage participants from all walks of life! From students to professionals you know how to reach them, be this by sending emails, or by running LinkedIn campaings or singing at Starbucks Coffee! We want you! We want to get every Chicagoan developer that knows Java to be part of our mailing/meetup group!

CJUG Project Managers

You know your chops. You are unfazed by Gantt charts and for you BlackBerry never went out-of-fashion. You can make projects hit or beat the target deadline, and are good at keeping everyone in the loop! We have so many projects that are just starting to get off-the-ground, and we need help setting them up. To name a few:

  • Adopt-a-JSR (need to start getting surveys to see what we need to adopt)
  • Hack-A-Thon events (both local to Java and open to any other language)

Webcast/Screencast Producer

So you know how to pre-process and post-process a video and audio feed, and can bulk-upload them and serve them from any free/paid site. Well, we want to start recording our meetings in hi-fi 3d video and sound! Or at least we want it better than what our poorly overworked volunteers are able to do (which is not much). If you have the soul of a Producer and know how to capture a presentation and make it available, then by all means, help us out! We might even have some rudimentary hardware for you to use!

Artists Wanted!

Do you have an innate gift with the brush? do you Photoshop in your dreams? Want to stretch those artistic muscles? Take a challenge and help us by being the in-house artist. Anything from logos to flyer design! We need to move the Chicago Java Users Group to the 23rd Century and as such we need the looks to fit-in!

3 comments on “Help Wanted!

  1. Jenny on said:

    Can’t wait to be part of this!

  2. Rishupreet on said:

    Interested in knowing how I can volunteer. I am a 7 years experienced java professional from India, currently residing in chicago and interested in knowing how i can be a part of this and take up a full time volunteer position.

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