Happenings for March 15th

Time’s running out! Sign up for our Spring Social Meetup!

You know who you are! If you’ve been procastinating it is time to click this link (http://www.meetup.com/ChicagoJUG/events/107041282/) , and sign up for our Spring Social Meetup. It’s getting filled, and Craig Walls will be there. You might even get to shake his hand!

Webcast Webcast, watch the Webcast of our Spring Social event!

If you can’t make it, we are gearing up a Webcast of the event. Come join us live at https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/446415701 . Part of the new services of your local Java Users Group

Have you ever needed to (Spring) batch stuff online? If you do, don’t miss our new Meetup! (April 16)

The Primary Developer for Spring Batch (Michael Minella, the man himself!) will be showing up and discussing the great benefits of using Spring Batch to offload all your processing. Don’t wait, sign up for our next Meetup! http://www.meetup.com/ChicagoJUG/events/109037752/

Do you love Gradle? How about getting into the Conference for Free?

Tim O’Brien from Gradleware has kindly donated a GradleSummit conference pass (valued at 800$) to a lucky winner! Do you want to participate? Give it a shot, and post a nice message at http://www.meetup.com/ChicagoJUG/messages/boards/thread/32475562 .At the end of next week, we’ll close the discussion and choose a winner from the posted entries.

Java Call For Papers is Open!

Have you ever wanted to present in JavaOne? Now is the time! JavaOne’s Call for Paper is now open. Go ahead, give it a shot, write something incredible and present it to the world! http://www.oracle.com/javaone/index.html (plus if you paper get accepted, you get the full conference pass for free (that’s like $2,000 :) )

Don’t forget, there is a Mentorship Program for Free!
Have questions? Will answer! We have a mentorship program that allows you to meet with Java experts one-on-one for 45 minutes to solve those pesky problems that you may be running into. Give them a shot, find them at http://cjug.org/mentorship-program/

And your moment of Zen!

Hitler get angry at the discontinuation of Google Reader (Warn: Some explicit subtitling)



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Happenings for March 8, 2013

Don’t forget to sign-up for our Spring Social event with Craig Walls and Jeff Williams

It is a great opportunity to learn and interact with Spring gurus Craig Walls and Jeff Williams. You always wanted to learn Spring, and Spring social? Now is your chance. Sign-up to this meetup before it’s gone! http://www.meetup.com/ChicagoJUG/events/107041282/

We got a New President!

Scott Kramer has just been elected President of the Chicago Java Users Group! (by board election). If you see him, make sure to say hi, congrats, and tell him what you want to see CJUG doing. He’s definitively listening. Kudos! Also say thank you to Simon McClenahan (past president), for his cat herding talent. He’s still a very active member in CJUG and is making social media happen!

What do you guys think of this RoR Dev Bootcamp in chi-town?


Have a say in our forums. Would that be something that Java should have?

And your moment of Zen today


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Happenings for March 1st, 2013

Thank you all who came to the Dr Multithreading Meetup

I had a blast of a time with everyone who braved the weather and made it! Like we said, the journey has only begun! Also, if you couldn’t make it, we have video and slides of the presentation.

For those interested, we have a youtube Video of the presentation at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…

and the slides you can find at https://docs.google.com/folder/d…

Ooh We’re so Exciiitted, Craig Walls and Jeff Williams are coming to talk about Spring for our March Meeting!

We got the big room reserved as we expect this to be a packed session. Work with Spring? Wanna hear the latest from the “Source?”. Then you must come and register to this meetup NOW!


Don’t forget, if you can help CJUG, send us an email.

We are gearing up with more and more activities, give your local JUG a hand, we know you have it in you. Check where we need immediate help at http://cjug.org/help-wanted/

AND even if you don’t see anything in particular from the list, but have time to help us out PLEASE don’t hesitate to drop us a line. freddy.guime@cjug.org

Life giving you programming lemons? Get together with our mentors to show you how to throw them back!

Remember, we have our mentorship program to help you out if you get stuck. Just go to our http://cjug.org/mentorship-program/, sign up and see how those problems just go away! And if you have the chops to be a mentor, then sign-up!

And Your Friday Funny Moment!


Have a good Friday Everyone!

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Happenings for the week of Feb 22

Thanks to all who came to our Spring MVC, CFX, AJAX (JQuery) and Mule Presentation.

It was great to see everyone showing up and enjoying it! We are still post-processing the presentations. Sadly we have a couple of hiccups while recording so we might only have the last 1/3 of the presentation (Mule), but we learn and promise to get a better grade in our next presentation (did we mention that we would love to have volunteers help in recording and webcasting :) )

Show Dr Multithreading some LOVE! Coming Tuesday Feb 26 (next week)

Have you ever had code that looked like this just to make it work?

class SynchronizedClass {
   public synchronized void someMethod() {}
   public synchronized void anotherMethod() {}
   public synchronized void yetAnotherMethod() {}

We will go over why is that and how synchronized really works (and why instead of making things safer it could actually introduce deadlocks, ugh). Working with multiple threads is not something to be feared, but it’s another toolset in your toolbox. Wanna make software….Faster…..Scalable…..Reliable? Understanding Multithreading will allow you to do these and much more! Take the plunge, let’s go and Master Multithreading together! We can do it!



We Still Need Help!

You see what we are doing, the CJUG is getting more involved in every aspect of the Java community, but we’re hurting for more help. You have attended our presentations, ate the pizza (wasn’t bad was it? :) ). We won’t ask for much, just an hour here and there every month to hep us out! http://cjug.org/help-wanted/

We will be retiring the Mailing List soon, be with us at Meetup!

If you haven’t done so, point your browsers to http://www.meetup.com/ChicagoJUG/ and sign-up! We will be communicating from there probably starting on March. We want all the cool kids to join us :) so what are you waiting for, sign-up already!

Potential Sponsors, Recruiters, a link for you

Here’s a link for you http://cjug.org/sponsorship/

Happenings in the Java World

From Oracle: All JavaOne 2012 videos now in YouTube!

Many folks have consistently said that viewing JavaOne videos on the Content Management Tool used by Oracle is not ideal. You will be happy to know that the JavaOne San Francisco 2012 videos are now on YouTube via the Oracle Learning Portal (OLP). The videos are 100% free for anyone to view.



From Istanbul JUG: Java Event Videos at Istambul

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Announcing Sponsorship Program

One goal of the CJUG is to allow developers to meet, discuss and learn from our regularly scheduled presentations. These meeting are a fantastic opportunity to connect or network with recruiters in the Chicago tech industry, if one is so inclined. Benefits of this symbiotic relationship between developers and recruiters includes career opportunities, different event hosting locations, raffles, freebies and discounts. Many years ago CJUG relied on membership fees to cover a minimal set of expenses. With anticipated growth from a large and vibrant Chicago community, CJUG is looking for sponsorship to help us create bigger and better events for the developer community, including the ability to invite guest speakers from outside of Chicago.

If you are a developer you should expect to see more benefits from future CJUG activities and the quality of our presentation events. There will be “rules of engagement” between our paying sponsors and you as a member.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor we are offering multiple levels of privileges (shared or exclusive) such as speaking or presenting briefly at a meeting, emailing the user list, hosting opportunities and other advertising or marketing opportunities through CJUG. Note that this means we are closing the “free” channels of advertising such as
chicago-java-advertise@yahoogroups.com , Jobs and Promotions on the LinkedIn group, etc. Please contact us for pricing through the http://cjug.org web site or email cjug@cjug.org .

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Happenings for February 15th

Yeah Baby Yeah! The Camera Loves you!

We have been busy dump-diving and finding all the electronics needed to get a screencast going, and ladies and gents we have them! And while we were donning our prettiest dresses for the presentations, the reality is that we will be capturing mostly the presentation screen and audio. Well, who would want to see us wearing dresses anyways :) . So point your browsers to youtube.com/cjugvideos  to see our first captured screencast, with more coming (including our Feb 19 upcoming meeting! Woot!)



Last call! Last Call! For Learning about Spring MVC, CFX, Ajax (JQuery)

Feb 19 is fast approaching! So point your browser to our meetup page (http://www.meetup.com/ChicagoJUG/events/101755652/) if you haven’t done so already and sign-up! You don’t want to be left out of this awesome three-part presentation. You’ll feel like Neo and the Matrix with all the content downloading happening in your brain. (We will be closing registration on that Tuesday midday. So don’t delay, register today!)

Dr Multithreading Wants YOU!

Moore’s law went sideways, so cpus are not getting faster but instead, we have more of them! To fully take advantage of all these multi-core, multi-cpu, elastic cloud environment you need to learn good multithreading techniques. Let’s get together and embrace thread together. Everyone is accepted at the Single-Threaded anonymous :)


Spread the Love!

February 14 just passed, but there is still a chance to spread the love. Go to our meetup group and sign-up (http://www.meetup.com/ChicagoJUG/)! We will be retiring our yahoo group mailing list in the near future and we want to make sure that you are on-board with us in Meetup! Plus, there will be polls, there will be raffles, there will be sponsors and all kinds of goodies in our Meetup site. But don’t do this by yourself, Spread the love and forward this email to all your Java (and non-java) Friends, acquaintances, heck even your boss. Do it for love!

Adopt-A-JSR coming soon!

*Ahem*. Some organization have been a little busy bee, and now is part of the Java Community Process! *Ahem* (http://jcp.org/en/participation/JUG_list). After fighting a blindfolded duel with a winged monkey for membership, your local JUG have a vote and a voice in the Future of Java! Which means that YOU have a vote an a voice in the future of Java. Survey coming soon (what should we adopt?)

Hack-a-thon a-coming

We are wheeling and dealing behind-the-scenes to get our first hack-a-thon off-the-ground! We want to know if you have experience on these and what are the things you want to see in a CJUG organized hack-a-thon (or if you want to help organizing one). Drop us a line! board@cjug.org

More Spring goodness coming in March

This one is a ‘surprise’ but March is shaping to be very busy in term of Spring presentations. Stay tuned!

Help Wanted!

Oh my oh my oh my, we need help (ok, not clinical help, but real real help)! so below is a list of available help items we need. Do you have the chops to help us out? Then please do, pretty please with sugar on top?!

See the full list here! (http://cjug.org/help-wanted/)

Artists Wanted!

Do you have an innate gift with the brush? do you Photoshop in your dreams? Want to stretch those artistic muscles? Take a challenge and help us by being the in-house artist. Anything from logos to flyer design! We need to move the Chicago Java Users Group to the 23rd Century and as such we need the looks to fit-in!

Webcast/Screencast Producer!

So you know how to pre-process and post-process a video and audio feed, and can bulk-upload them and serve them from any free/paid site. Well, we want to start recording our meetings in hi-fi 3d video and sound! Or at least we want it better than what our poorly overworked volunteers are able to do (which is not much). If you have the soul of a Producer and know how to capture a presentation and make it available, then by all means, help us out! We might even have some rudimentary hardware for you to use!

CJUG Meeting Coordinator

Hey there, are you are organizing people? keeping them on-schedule? on reserving rooms and making sure things go as smooth-as-silk? Then please be our meeting coordinator! There is a lot that goes behind-the-scenes to get presenters up and running, and with your help we can make sure that everyone is satisfied! help us out!





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Happenings for the Month of February!

RSVP for our  Spring MVC, CFX, AJAX (JQuery) and Mule meeting!

More details at www.meetup.com. You did RSVP for this awesome three-punch presentation right? :)

CJUG is proud to present 3 guest speakers for our February 19th meeting. Each presentation will be approximately 30 minutes each.

Presentation: Mule ESB – As organizations grow organically or through mergers and acquisitions, the number of technology components are increasing. We will discuss how an enterprise service bus, specifically Mule, helps facilitate the orchestration of data flow.

Presentation: Developing SOAP based web service using CXF and Spring – covering some tips and techniques.

Presentation: AJAX enabled web site using Spring MVC3, the Jackson “High Performance JSON Parser”, and JQuery.

New Meetup Track! Dr. Multithreading, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Threads. Feb 26

Starting our Secondary Track we delve into one of the most missundazstood (isn’t that a Pink album?) aspects of the Java language. We learn what are the reasons that Multithreading seems so hard to get right (curse you branch prediction!) and we start with a solid foundation on how to really ‘get’ it and stop worrying too much about it.

Come RSVP and let’s Love Threads together!




Have you ever installed the Java SE client? Are you annoyed by the “Ask” toolbar offering?

Make a difference! Show that Chicago makes a Difference, that our voice will be heard, and that our opinions matter! Sign the petition started by the London JUG to remove the Ask toolbar offering from the Java SE Installer. And forward this to those that, like you are interested in making Java grow!


 Have Java NEWS? Will publish!

Looking for the coolest Java kids in town. Wanna talk about it? Let us know at news@cjug.org

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Announcements for January 28, 2012

We’re so excited of starting the New Year, and we want it to make it the largest, best, most involved CJUG year ever! So in this newsletter, we present what’s happening. Take a read! and share with all your co-workers!

Learn about Spring MVC, CFX, AJAX (JQuery) and Mule at our Feb 19 Meeting!

CJUG is proud to present 3 guest speakers for our February 19th meeting. Each presentation will be approximately 30 minutes each.

Presentation: Mule ESB – As organizations grow organically or through mergers and acquisitions, the number of technology components are increasing. We will discuss how an enterprise service bus, specifically Mule, helps facilitate the orchestration of data flow.

Bio: Davinder Kohli, a Chicagoan, is a TOGAF 9 certified enterprise architect and a strong advocate of open source technologies. He is an expert on Java, Spring, and SOA technologies.

Presentation: Developing SOAP based web service using CXF and Spring – covering some tips and techniques.

Bio: Vinay Shaviswamy is an experienced IT Architect specializing in Oracle, Java/Jee and Open Source technology stack.

Presentation: AJAX enabled web site using Spring MVC3, the Jackson “High Performance JSON Parser”, and JQuery.

Bio: Michael Lyons is a Chicago native who has worked as a developer/architect in and around Chicagoland for 17 years.

RSVP @ http://www.meetup.com/chicagoJUG  (We’re moving to Meetup!)

Dear Recruiters,

Please do not RSVP through Meetup, instead join our recruiter-centric mailing list by sending an email to  recruiters+subscribe@cjug.org. More instructions on how to participate and get the most out of the event will be shared there. Thanks!

Secondary Technical Sessions coming (VERY) Soon :)

Here at CJUG we are preparing ourselves to offer more sessions per-month! In addition to our Main Topic of the month, we are going to start including a Secondary session that tackles different real-world problems/issues, like:

-  MultiThreading

- Troubleshooting Memory Leaks

- Fine-Tuning Garbage Collectors

- Optimization Techniques

These sessions focus more on the learning/practical aspect of your job, not necessarily the bleeding edge (as our main sessions do). Stay tuned, as one is going to be announced very soon!

Adopt-A-JSR program gearing up

Don’t you ever wish that you can change some aspect of the Java language you have to deal with everyday? Well, you can! Your local CJUG has started the process of being able to “Adopt-A-JSR” program. This program allows individuals (through their local Java User Group) to actively participate in the definition and steering of JSR standards. Right now we are applying for our JSPA and as soon as we have a green-light we will be asking YOU, what JSR should Chicago adopt!

YouTube Channel coming up!

We know that you want to be present in all of the CJUG meetings, but sometimes can’t. Do not despair! We’re gearing up a setup so that we can record and upload our Sessions so you don’t miss anything! Can’t be there because you’re taking a well-deserved vacation? No problem! Just watch our YouTube channel (to-be-announced) and presto!

It’s all about YOU!

We are doing all this because we want the Chicago Java Users Group to be the best and largest JUG in the country (and the World!). Spread the word, sign-up, participate, start dialogues, and if you find it in your heart to help us grow, or for anything you have an idea on, drop us a line at board@cjug.org. We’re listening!

Mentorship Program

Have a tough Java Question from work? (or project). Are you looking for an expert with a certain API / Technology that could share his/her experience? We have launched the Mentorship Program. Sign-up and talk to one of our mentors! You’ll get their undivided attention for 45 minutes, and they can help you conquer that pesky problem that have been bothering you! Check it out at http://cjug.org/mentorship-program/

Psst…do you have local Java news that are worthy?

Share with us something cool and exciting you are doing with Java in Chicago. Do you have a cool product backed by Java? Is there a major company that uses Java that we don’t know about? Or maybe you created an  awesome Java Open Source project and now want to share with your community. Well, if you know of any, drop us a line at  news@cjug.org

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Thanks for all who attended the Spring 3 and Networking Event!

We had drinks, we had fun, we got to meet our members! It has been one of the larger CJUG Events in recent history!

Photos of the event!

And, an apology (we are sorry, mea culpa, the technical part we did screw up):

We do apologize for cutting our Spring 3 presentation short, as the Federal Reserve Bank had a committed schedule and we overrun a little bit in our prior presentations. Even so, for those interested in the presentation materials, they are available here! (And we make sure we don’t let this happen again, pinkie promise!)

Presentation Materials

Keep subscribed to our mailing list (Twitter, and Facebook,  and LinkedIn and check it for new and exciting things happening this year!


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Introduction to Spring 3 & Networking & Food/Drinks Event

Want to learn Spring secrets from a SpringSource guru? Want to meet Chicago’s Best Java companies to work for (think ‘inside-track’) and share a drink with some of their techies too? For free? No Time? Well if you think your income is based on what you know and who you know – this is a very good investment of your time! The Chicago Java Users Group is *your* personal free entry in to free food, drinks, knowledge and meet some cool Chicago companies doing cool stuff in Java.  Scott Kramer, a 15 year Java professional and open source advocate will be presenting a Spring tools and tips introduction at the January meeting. In addition, we are giving away some super cool gift cards, some free JRebel licenses, discounts on software, and more.

Scott Kramer, a Chicago native, is 22 year Information Technology veteran, having been published in various technology subjects.  Scott is a 15 year Java professional and open source advocate.  Scott will be presenting a Spring tools and tips introduction at the January meeting .

PLEASE RSVP AT <http://gathers.us/events/spring-3-secrets-networking-food-drinks-event-f17b1>. FULL NAME and email required for registration, along with PHOTO ID when entering the Federal Reserve Money Museum venue.

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