The CJUG has been involved in the Adopt-a-JSR program since 2014, when we officially adopted JSR 366, the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 8 Umbrella specification. During our tenure as Adopt-a-JSR participants, we have held a number of sessions in person and online, in an effort to help foster each of the different JSRs that come together to comprise Java EE 8.

More recently, CJUG has also adopted JSR 379, the Java SE 9 Platform Umbrella specification. We have held sessions to promote Java SE 9 features, including: modularity, layers, and more.

Past Adopt-a-JSR Meetup Events

(Feb 2017) JSR 379 Layers Intro and JSR 366 Java EE 8 - CDI 2.0 and JAX-RS 2.1 Update
(Nov 2016) Josh Juneau Presents Java EE 8 Recipes
(Oct 2016) JSR 366 Java EE 8 JSON-B Update and JSR 379 Weak Modules
(Jun 2016) JSR 366 Java EE 8 Update and JSR 379 Testing and Modularity
(Apr 2016) Heather VanCura and Charlie Hunt Present: Hacking on Java 9
(Mar 2016) JSR 379 Apache Tika Update and JSR 366 Java EE 8 Update - Java EE Guardians and MVC 1.0
(Sep 2015) JSR 366 Java EE 8 Update and JSR 379 Java 9 Update
(Jul 2015) Bob Paulin Presents: What's My Modularity
(Jun 2015) Manfred Riem Presents: Servlet 4.0 and MVC 1.0 Workshop
(May 2015) JSR 366 Java EE 8 and JSR 378 Java 9 Update
(Jan 2015) Adopt-a-JSR JSF Workshop
(Sep 2014) Reza Rahman: Intro to JCP and JMS 2.0

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