The CJUG became involved in the Adopt-a-JSR program in 2014, when we officially adopted JSR 366, the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 8 Umbrella specification. The Adopt-a-JSR program is led by the Java Community Process (JCP), with a goal of getting JUGs more involved with the Java specifications process. During our tenure as Adopt-a-JSR participants, we have held a number of sessions in person and online, in an effort to help foster each of the different JSRs that came together to comprise Java EE 8 and Java SE 9.

Since Java EE 8 and Java SE 9 have been released to the general public, CJUG is taking a more broad approach to open source. We are still supporting the Adopt-a-JSR program, but we are also supporting other open source initiatives, such as projects from Apache, the Eclipse Foundation, and others. OSS @ CJUG is an initiative to get the Chicago Java Community more involved in open source.

Past [email protected] Meetup Events

(Oct 2018) Let’s Modify Some Code - PR Process
(Aug 2018) Apache Maven and Apache Netbeans
(May 2018) Apache Tika and Jakarta EE

Past Adopt-a-JSR Meetup Events

(Jan 2018) An update on the EE4J transition of Java EE, new features in Java EE 8.
(Aug 2017) SR-379: Java 9 & Java EE 8 Update (with NLJUG!)
(Feb 2017) JSR 379 Layers Intro and JSR 366 Java EE 8 - CDI 2.0 and JAX-RS 2.1 Update
(Nov 2016) Josh Juneau Presents Java EE 8 Recipes
(Oct 2016) JSR 366 Java EE 8 JSON-B Update and JSR 379 Weak Modules
(Jun 2016) JSR 366 Java EE 8 Update and JSR 379 Testing and Modularity
(Apr 2016) Heather VanCura and Charlie Hunt Present: Hacking on Java 9
(Mar 2016) JSR 379 Apache Tika Update and JSR 366 Java EE 8 Update - Java EE Guardians and MVC 1.0
(Sep 2015) JSR 366 Java EE 8 Update and JSR 379 Java 9 Update
(Jul 2015) Bob Paulin Presents: What's My Modularity
(Jun 2015) Manfred Riem Presents: Servlet 4.0 and MVC 1.0 Workshop
(May 2015) JSR 366 Java EE 8 and JSR 378 Java 9 Update
(Jan 2015) Adopt-a-JSR JSF Workshop
(Sep 2014) Reza Rahman: Intro to JCP and JMS 2.0